Free time activities

Almost immediately after our first child was born we became more aware of our financial situation. Though we knew it before, now we really felt that from that moment on our costs would only be growing.

Our spending pattern started changing. Much less spontaneous purchases. Asking ourselves twice if this object is really worth it’s price tag. Discussing if having a dinner in this fancy restaurant will really make us happier than having a simpler dinner at half a price. Thinking of enjoyable activities, which are free of charge.

After arrival of the second child we also learnt, sometimes hard way, that some of the activities we enjoyed as a couple were no more enjoyable as a family of four. We had to be flexible, to reinvent our weekends to make them fun.

Here is a list of simple outside the house activities we fancy, which are low work- low cost and enjoyable by the whole family:

  1. Visit to the local library. A twenty minutes walk with a double buggy up the hill is a very good excercise for the grown-ups. In the library both girls just love looking through the colorful selection and we take time to look with them and search for the books we find worth taking home. One of the parents usually escapes to the grown-up section, where he/she searches for a nice video to take home.
  2. Nature walk with a picnic. We are lucky to have a big natural park walking distance from the house. We usually leave the house before 10:00 on Sunday and head there. Once we get there we walk at girls’ speed, yes, it means unbelievably slow. We take time to stop and watch ants or listen to a woodpecker. We collect pines, stones, sticks. We pay attention to the clouds, grass, flowers. Investigate dry riverbed and look for snails. Check every tree if there is a nest on it. Take a break and eat our sandwich. Get home before 13:30 and have a nice lunch and a long siesta.image
  3. Kite Running – on a windy day we head to a neighborhood park with the butterfly kite we purchased at Decathlon. It’s a very relaxing excercise for everyone to look in the sky and make sure we keep the kite in the air. Girls love it and we often meet a family with kids, who joins us in this activity.